Rusty Ranch 3x - US West Rust Server

Active Admin: Thunderstruk
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Wiped Weekly - Every Thursday around 8PM PST
Blue Prints - Wiped Monthly on the 1st Thursday
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The following actions will result in BAN & permanent log to 'RustAdmin DB':
Pretending to be Admin

While in game, type /report in chat, followed by a comment to report any issues directly to Admin.

Passive Plugins:
These plugins run the same for everyone and require no commands for players

Gather Manager: Smelt 3x faster and Quarries mine 3x more resources.

MagicLoot - 
Extra Loot enabled per loot container

Recycle Manager - Recyclers operate 3x faster

Crafting Controller - Everything crafted 3x faster

No Decay
 - All entities do not decay except for twig and balloon, which decay normally.

No Radiation - No radiation whatsoever.

SAM Site Authorization - SAM Sites do not shoot at empty vehicles or players authorized on the tool cupboard.

Large Stacks - Most items stack at 64,000 with some exceptions (items that damage).

Furnace Splitter - Automatically splits items placed in furnaces to be smelted and adds fuel from your inventory.

Night Lantern - Lights automatically turn on during night and the following do not consume fuel: Fireplace, Jack O'Lantern, Lantern, Search Light, Tuna Light and Chinese Lantern.

Loot Bouncer - Partially looted crates will despawn after two minutes then respawn at the default respawn rate.

No Fuel Requirements - Items in which their main purpose is to produce light, will operate for an unlimited time with only 1 fuel and do not consume fuel.

Time of Day - Day: 60 Minutes   Night: 3 Minutes

Hammer Time - Remove all items built with a building plan within 2 hours of being placed.

Player Controlled Plugins:
Click on the hyperlink to view all commands

MasterLock - All code locks in a building sync with the code lock on the tool cupboard. Open/close all doors on the base with one command.

LockSync - Once a tool cupboard has a keylock on it, all players on the cupboard will be synced to other locks on the base with the exception of high external walls.

Remover Tool - Use this tool to remove items placed by yourself or clan members and you will be refunded the appropriate resources. Anything built with a Building Plan cannot be removed.

BGrade - Select wood, stone metal or armored prior to building. Needed resources must be in your inventory.

SignArtist - Paste image urls onto signs in game.

Clans - Group with other players to play on the same team. Clan members enjoy perks associated with other plugins.

AutoDoors - Automatically closes doors behind players after the default amount of seconds or as set by them. The delay is by default set to 5 seconds.

Enhanced Hammer - Gives the hammer the ability to quickly upgrade items built with a Building Plan.